Called to be Universal in the Light of St Ignatius


We have image of a man who conceives the passionate following of Jesus Christ, the One sent, as a permanent submersion with him and like Him in the will of the Father that goes on being the life of man. A man to be sent in permanent state of giving and to be the leader on move who is none other than the man of courage and prophetic audacitor St Ignatius. Life is beautiful, it becomes even more meaningful and beautiful when we encounter Christ, and allow him to lead us to Fortier missions of universality, were spreading his words of gospel and ministering his loved people. We live in a transnational world with a growing consciousness of the interdependence of all people, serving Christ mission calls for special attention to its global mission challenged by globalization, technology and environment concerns and our response to bearing a common responsibility for the welfare of the entire world and its development has been enhanced.

Why so much emphasis on universality of our mission now? Because context today calling us to and world itself gives the beckoning call to universality due to interconnectedness, inter-relatedness and inter dependencies. This universality calls for moving from the head to the heart, from thinking to feeling, relishing things interiority. Our universality calls us for global and local context. There are criteria for the choice of missions, calling for greater need, greater fruit, and greater service of more people. This context today is beckoning call to more universality of our mission. Challenging context of our mission is it is many new questions emerge from developments in science and technology.

Today St Ignatius universality calls for the sense of dispositions towards the process of renewal for the greater apostolic effectiveness. His life itself calls us to move beyond the given boundaries be it be inner or otherwise towards the greater need and depth. This call by our founder entrusts to us the creative fidelity in the mission of Christ. We may ask the question is the universal thought of Ignatius is relevant today? We look at the world of today and tomorrow, a world at each moment more interconnected, in the way that time and again many phenomena have a universal reach. In this venture we are called sow in Ignatius’s vision of universality in the world. According to St Ignatius vision was unabashedly global; our vocation is to travel through the world and to live in any part of it whatever. Ignatius wanted to deal with the universal good, which is always the greater good; his main focus was nothing but a universal apostolic body mission, gifted with global apos-tolic availability. In this light we have to think about more effective way of collaboration with others in the expressions of one mind and spirits of the solidarity and cohesiveness of a single universal apostolic body, at the service of the universal church in the midst of the world.

Realizing the radical diversity of our mission called for spirit of universality and perspective of Jesuit vocation and mission. What characterizes this spirit and perspective of universality? That is called for Magis, excellence, mobility, availability, pioneer spirit, creative fidelity, apostolic aggressively, signal service of God and his people. With the Ignatian spirituality of tension global and local of what should be important. Our univer-sality does not consist in ours going to occupy them in every matter in every part of the world. Ignatian formula calls for the more divine. The challenge for the need to adapt to the process may be a greater task to do. Our universal mission is reaffirmed by GC35 in the complex issues of the world to work in the world to cooperation with good of all humankind. Universality is a permanent attitude of one. We want well formed men who can understand this reality with depth of heart and breathe of mind. The world is our house. Seek-ing to lead a life worthy of the vocation to which we have called, the society commits itself again to service of the church in her teaching, life and worship and helping her to offer to the world all that she herself is, all that she believes.

 In the spirit of saint Ignatius we wish to show our commitment not less but rather more in good works than in words for edification of those with whom we work, so that we may become more generous servants of the people of God has gathered for the world’s salvation (GC33, D1,n6). Being in the light of universality like that of St. Ignatius who went to serve in the hospitals, widow homes, children etc today we are called to work in the fortier missions with aboriginals of different religions, cultural diversity, war places were the people of God live. Today St Ignatius calls us to develop his vision of universality in our spiritual conversation focusing universality thinking which will touch us most deeply, creating the atmosphere of trust, homes for the reign of God. Men on fire with passion for the Gospel, spreading it for the reconciling the world to God is the main focus. This universality calls us today to hear the urgent summons to join the Lord in caring for the neediest and extend his mercy to where injustice, suffering or despair seem to thwart the divine plan. We are called to show solidarity, taking part with, living and working in situations of violence and war to care for the people. For thousands of years we have lived in heritage of St Ignatius and which have fashioned our think-ing, culture that endures our day today. Being and living in the local let us contribute to our global mission.

 Let us share this vision of universality in our mission and vision.

Royston Achu SJ



Is it love or Friendship confused!!!


Memory is a way of holding onto the things you love, the things you are, the things you never want to lose. The morning I saw today at my college has also become a memory to be remembered as the last morning of my college days. How strange are those old recollections that haunt us, without our being able to get rid of them!

Today I feel lucky to have a plenty of good friends. In my college life, I solved friendship equations along with several psychological theories to get a good job, and plenty of good friends. Everybody’s love may begin either in the park or in ice-cream parlor but mine began near a bank. Ya!!! Money bank. I was staying in the Hostel near Mahavera Circle Mangalore. I had a friend called Ranjith (name changed). Me and my friend both shared a great chemistry and did several things together at college, to be remembered by us and our friends forever. The initial months of my college days will always be special to me for endearing me with my college. I was introduced to a realm of code, where I learnt respect for my seniors, importance of friendship, and live life by your own with hurdles. Even today, I cannot understand how these initials days have clung so vividly and tenaciously to my college memories. During Our razzing period that was for initials months of till I semester at our college, we had to follow certain rules and wear the dress code designed for us in the college catalogue.

I had seen many girls used to show their stagnant horrible faces to boys in the college. Though these girls elated at their girl’s hostel for gaining popularity among batch mates and seniors. In college life students used to get feelings of charming towards young ladies. But I was different.  Even though I got attracted to many in my class. I didn’t express it.  After we got into the college fully, and door of enjoyment also opened its door for us to enjoy our college life along with others.  Most of the Ist year guys changed routine life to lead a causal life after the end of teasing period. Many lost their interest in studies beginning of the year and dipped themselves in the sea of love, and grab the most charming pearl to make the best friend of their college life even though they knew it all thamasha is temporary one.

I was a serious student attending the classes regularly and sitting quit in the class and listening to the lecturer and making notes. Some felt what a kind of person am I? Yet whatever people said I did not change.  The day came when I too fell to the snares of so called Love or friendship. As a Mentioned I met this girl from far away from Mangalore near Central Bank of our college campus. First thing which I saw was a bright colour and a smile from a girl. I wondered to who it was? I was new to the campus. I looked around like a confused man.  She said “You” “I” was my sign language. “Ya you only” was her sign language.  I went near her. “Hai” was her first word. I too said Hai. How are you? Was my spontaneous question. She said well. She was in confused mood. I felt like something wrong. You’re from Mangalore I think I answered. She became salient. In my mind some questions where wondering like who is she? Why she called me? What made to call me alone when many others where there near the bank? Let it be. Ok then let me go I said and moved away from there. She said she too will come with me. Ok I said. When college gate came she said “Ok thank you very much for your company let me go home” she sat in the auto and went away.

I came near my car and sat inside and started to go home. When I was driving to my home I image of that girl started to screen in my mind who is she? Why she talked to me only?  Anyways I came home did my works and evening add my supper and sat with my books to do my work. I began writing the portions for the semester in English major I opened my books again the image came recurring. I felt something wrong. I began thinking. Next moment I fell asleep. When I got up in the morning my mom came with coffee. I got ready to go to college. It was my second day. I dropped my car near the parking lot outside my college gate. And came inside suddenly my eyes turned towards that bank. I felt like she may be there once again. But she wasn’t there.  When I reached near katte somebody started to call excuse me. I turned. I saw her again. She was in nice dress. Shall I come with you was her answer. I said ok. Shall we sit there in the katte because still ten minutes to go for the bell? So we sat. Who are you? What’s your good name I asked? She smiled and said “Ibani” what a name? I Roy Achu I said. Oh!!! She said. What are you doing here? I meant what studies? She said Commerce. Oh me Arts.  By that time bell rang. We spoke second time this much only.  There was salience most of the time in those ten minutes.  I went away to the class. She too. We met in the afternoon again. And from then onwards it was a frequent visits. To add flavor we went to City Centre.  After one month I came to know that she is from Bangalore and she didn’t find anyone to talk to.

Our visits sprouted like the seed to a plant.Unknown we were to each other became known. We started to share about ourselves began with assignment. Even though we were from different blocks (Arts and Commerce) Because of her I started to browse internet and give her financial management assignment etc.  Till then our friendship was only of book friendship. But one day she came crying “I am feeling extremely lonely “She said. What happened I asked her?  She was mum. I didn’t go further seeing her condition. First time I wiped a girls tears dropping on her cheeks.  Don’t worry I am with you. I gave my mobile number. Now I feel that was my biggest mistake. She started texting. Began with one message per day. Now can’t count. She cried on my shoulders when she felt like. She shared even silly problems. I woke her up during the exam time and every day at 7.30 AM. Made her to sleep in the night at 11.00 PM. I carried her burden each day even I had a lot. I worried about her each day. She knew that very well. So she remained faithful to me till today. We began fighting. Saturday was the special day dedicated for that. But next day we became one. This is continuing till today. I wonder today the encounter happened near Bank was not an ordinary one. But a step towards great friendship.  Today our friendship as became much more than what it is. What can I say about it? Is it love or pure friendship or much more than that, which can’t be explained?  As I go way from the college I feel bad to leave her back and go. I am not leaving her alone. Soon I will call her near to me.